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Pastoral Care

Emmanuel is an extension of our own families.


Pastoral care is the call of the whole congregation. We are all pastoral ministers to each other. In addition, Emmanuel has an active pastoral care team to ensure a continued “connectedness” for our homebound parishioners, as well as others who may be grieving, ill or recovering from illness, or hospitalized.  Meals, pastoral cards, phone calls, visits—many times delivering Altar flowers after the Sunday services—are just a few of the ways that we reach out to those in our church community in times of need. Our Interim Priest and other trained members of the congregation are able to bring Holy Communion to those who cannot be in church.


Especially beloved is a tradition of delivering Christmas gift bags to our senior members, filled with donations from across the parish. We bake, make crafts, and give cards and gifts to extend our love and care to long-time members, many of whom cannot be in church on Sundays.  

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