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Greetings From Our Rector



Are you flourishing? We at Emmanuel believe that God wants everyone to live deeply authentic lives in connection with God and each other.


Jesus’ first words in the Gospel of John are, “Come and see.” I invite you to “come and see” Emmanuel! You will find that we are a joyful people with a long history of loving God and expressing that love by loving our entire community, inside and outside our walls.


I love the quote from Presbyterian minister Frederick Buechner: “You can survive on your own; you can grow strong on your own; you can prevail on your own, but you cannot become human on your own.” At Emmanuel, we believe learning to be our best selves takes living in an active, loving community.


“Emmanuel” means “God is with us.” Us. Yes, we believe that God cherishes each of us individually and yearns for a relationship of love with each of us. We experience God’s abundant love by worshipping and serving together. We worship in the Episcopal tradition, which means we love everyone equally and worship God principally in the sacraments.


Every aspect of our lives in the last years has been tested. We are asking the essential, challenging questions. What have we lost that will not be recovered? What needs to be reimagined and what does “flourishing” look like, today?


Your presence is essential for us to thrive. Please, come and see, join us, and grow with us!

The Rev. Brett R. Johnson


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