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Deepening our relationship with God is at the center of our spiritual life.


Emmanuel is a sacramental church.  We believe that God reaches out to us through ordinary things like water, bread, and wine. In the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Eucharist (also called Holy Communion), we are united with God and each other in a special way, filling our hearts and spirits with blessing and abundant life. At Emmanuel, we do not believe in setting up barriers between God and humanity. All people are invited to share fully in our spiritual life. Whatever your background, you are welcome here in God’s house and at God’s table.


We offer Baptism for infants, children, youth, and adults. We prefer that those preparing for baptism are either members of the church prior to baptism or have the intention of becoming involved as preparation begins. The sacrament of Baptism assumes an ongoing life in Christian community so that the members of the Body of Christ in this place might encourage and support one another in their lives of discipleship. Prior to baptism we require one or more instructional sessions for older candidates or the families and godparents of younger children in order to provide an opportunity to reflect on the theology of baptism and plan for the service.


Confirmation is offered to those who have been baptized and wish to make a mature public affirmation of their Christian faith. We regularly offer confirmation classes for youth (grades 7 and up) and adults, focused on development and growth in lives of discipleship. The service of Confirmation is always led by a bishop, who prays and lays hands on the head of the candidate, asking the Holy Spirit to strengthen and support him or her. Adults who have been confirmed in other traditions may be Received into the Episcopal Church by the bishop, following a similar course of preparation.


Holy Matrimony is a joyful occasion of seeking God’s blessing on our lives and partnerships. In the Episcopal Church, marriage is open to opposite and same-sex couples, following a period of preparation. Divorced persons may also be eligible for remarriage, with additional preparation sessions and the written consent of the bishop.  Emmanuel Episcopal Church is a beautiful setting for weddings, or they may be conducted at another location.  Emmanuel has established a fee policy for weddings, available from the church office.

Funeral planning is one of the most challenging things a family is called upon to do.  We are here for you during this difficult time, and can help guide you to honor your loved one in a beautiful and meaningful way.  Emmanuel has established a fee policy for funerals, available from the church office.


We invite those interested in learning more to contact our church office.

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