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Church School

We offer Christian education for children from age 4 through Grade 12. (Professionally staffed child care for children under age 4 is also provided on Sunday mornings, beginning at 9:45 a.m.)  Each Sunday morning during the program year, the church school students gather in the parish hall for education led by our skilled teachers. 


In recent years, we have developed an interactive, hands-on approach to education. Our students have studied the lives of the saints, and then filmed live-action movies for the congregation. They have used Legos to learn Bible stories, with the kids acting out events in the lives of Moses, Joseph, and Jesus.  The scenes are then filmed and compiled into videos, narrated by our students, and shown to the congregation on Sunday mornings and at other times. Students have led our mission and outreach programs utilizing the programs and resources of Episcopal Relief and Development. They have even written their own script and directed the annual Christmas Pageant (usually held on the Feast of Epiphany in January).


Older children and youth are welcome to assist in church school.  After about 40 minutes, the children return to church to sit with their families and share in Holy Communion.  Several times per year the Worship Committee schedules Church School Leadership Sundays, when the students are invited to lead us in our worship services by serving as ushers, reading the day’s scripture lessons, and leading prayers.

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