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What We Believe 

Not All Churches Are Alike

What We Believe


God loves all people, animals, and all that He has made.

Nothing and no one,

regardless of their failings or choices or race or gender or anything else,

is beyond God's loving embrace.


God is forgiving, and His love is eternal.

There is no hate or anger in God.

When we miss the mark, God seeks our healing, not our punishment.


Hate has no place in religion or the spiritual life.


God is both male and female and beyond gender.


Jesus came to save us by opening our eyes to God’s love 

and healing (through his life, death, and resurrection), and 

teaching us how to live well with this new awareness.


Jesus established the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion. 


A healthy church is transparent and democratic.

Gathering together every week with our parish, to praise God in Christ,

pray, laugh, sing, learn, grow, and give,

lifts our spirits, and nurtures the spiritual life of both us and our children.


We are called to help and serve the world.

That it is in giving that we receive.


Salvation means the healing of body and soul both in this life and the next.


LGBTQ+ clergy, marriages, and folks in the life of the church is normative and a blessing.


       Both men and women have equal leadership in the church.

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